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Updated 05/14/2008

Romance Novels are a billion dollar industry in the U.S., according to Publisherís Weekly and Romance Writers of America. Readers buy as many as three novels a week and represents over 50% of paperback sales
Hidden Passion Films will be full length films (approximately 90 minutes long each) for the direct to video market. Each film will have all of the elements that make the historical romance novel such a thrilling experience. HPF will have the beautiful people that populate these novels.  All of the best loved locales for historical romance readers will be on screen: the wild frontier for Westerns; a castle for Gothic Romance; the English manor house for tales of intrigue amongst the social classes. And best of all, the storylines are inspired by the elements of Historical Romance novels that have made them so wildly popular: beautiful, courageous, besieged heroines; handsome, compelling, intrepid heroes; true and passionate love; incredible danger and intrigue; amazing adventure; and the happiest of endings.

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The Gunslinger is the story of Shadow Smith Ė a wanted man who has been wrongfully accused of murder. He has had no end of confrontations over his ill-deserved reputation. While in New Mexico, he rides into a range war to confront a gunfighter who has been using his name. He canít allow anymore killings associated with that name than he already has. Instead, of a would-be gunslinger, he discovers K.D. Delaney, a beautiful young woman posing as Shadow to fend off two factions that want her land. The real Shadow stays because he can neither resist the fight nor the woman. K.D. is strong despite being wracked with grief over her fatherís recent death. And she gives him the first home he has known for a long time. If they survive the superior numbers and weapons against them, will they be able to prevent the law from hanging Shadow?

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The Gift of Surrender is the story of Princess Sarianna and a fateful decision. The Princess must marry before enemies find out that her father is severely infirmed and does not rule his rich and powerful kingdom. Despite her dire circumstances, Sarianna is loathed to choose from the bullies who have crossed her path proposing to take her body and her throne. And then one night a beautiful and mysterious man saves her from an assassin's arrow. She loses her heart immediately. Prince Nikulainen or Niku is the youngest son of a powerful and ambitious King. He is also of the bloodline of the legendary Forest Realm. He loves Sarianna at first glance. But can he get her to trust him? Can he avoid the wrath of his older brothers in claiming her? Can he save her from assassins? His surrender to her would thwart his father's ambitions, but it could save them all. Is Niku strong enough to surrender?

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